First, let me say that I believe Roseville is the best managed city in Northern California, if not the entire state.  And that includes our police department.  Recently, they did the right thing to be proactive in reforms to reduce the chances of excessive force, and in creating social program units to keep our residents safe.  

I am so proud to have developed a very strong relationship with Roseville police over the 20 years I’ve lived in Roseville. I’m on the Police Activities League board of directors, I’ve been involved in hiring interviews for police personnel, advised Roseville PD on drone technology, and participated in several police ride-a-longs.  I have made many friends within the Roseville Police Department.

As a Roseville city councilmember, I will continue the partnership I’ve long demonstrated with law enforcement while finding innovative ways to maintain public safety as Roseville continues to grow.   I will also do my job to hold all City Departments, including police, accountable when it comes to funds allocated by the Council.