Roseville should create a long-term (10-20 year) plan that lays out what we will do (cuts in services, generating revenue, regional coordination) in the event of economic downturns.  City council members should get regular briefings from regional experts on economic and health threats before they happen, not after.  I also propose strengthening our rainy day fund during good times to prepare for the bad.

Furthermore, it is vital that our economic health is shared by all hardworking Roseville residents, and that the burdens of an economic downturn are also shared.

From 2007 to 2010, I worked in Hewlett-Packard Finance where I had the responsibility of driving financial predictability for a $4 billion dollar business encompassing all of servers, storage, and networking for HP.  This included making recommendations to senior leadership on work force reductions for HP employees worldwide, as well as contingent and contractor workers.  In this role, I had the responsibility of digging into all areas of our expenses to find efficiencies.

Following this assignment, I went on to lead the North America business for the XP Disk Array business (largest HP storage business based in Roseville).  After success with this business, I was given responsibility across North America for the 3PAR business which HP acquired in 2011.  I continued to lead the XP Disk Array business and managed more than a $250 million in revenues across these two businesses.