Public Safety– Strengthen partnerships between all Roseville residents and public safety agencies. Responsibly fund police and fire departments to invest in technologies and programs to reduce crime and provide greater fire protection. Create an infrastructure in Roseville to prepare for the economic, health, and educational consequences of future pandemics. READ MORE

Housing– Partner with home and commercial builders to encourage smart growth within existing growth plans by speeding up the approval process. Build in a multi-generational way that keeps Roseville residents living in Roseville. Provide more mixed-use development to reduce traffic, fast-track infill building to revitalize older neighborhoods, and provide more affordable housing for nurses, firefighters, teachers, and cops. READ MORE

Reduce homelessness among Roseville residents by connecting them back with their families, congregations, and mental health/social services.

Traffic congestion– Partner with businesses and government agencies to encourage investments in technology to work from home. Promote biking and walking by maintaining safe roads and trails.

Fiscal Responsibility– The most pressing issue facing Roseville is the expected economic instability of our city, region, state, and country.  This might be caused by regular economic cycles or by unknown variables like a pandemic.  We can’t just celebrate economic growth when it happens, we must be prepared for severe economic downturns that will happen.  READ MORE